Once located in Weed Park in  Muscatine (where in 1963 rides cost 10 cents), this carousel was acquired from a family in Muscatine who had purchased it at an auction in 1982 for their son’s birthday.  Thanks to local residents, Lyle Zimmerman and other artists, it has been lovingly restored.  See More →


The Gregg Gazebo was built in 2015 as a gift from Conrad Gregg in memory of his parents and a small grant from the Community Foundation of Greater Muscatine.  It is located on the site of a former water tower that supplied steam engines in the early Twentieth Century.  The twenty foot cedar octagon shelters […]  See More →

Rock Island Depot

The Rock Island Depot at West Liberty was quickly built in 1897 using Van Meter buff brick after fire destroyed the old frame depot.  Measuring 100 x 20 feet, the central portion extended wider on the east and west sides.  In addition to the ticket and telegraph office, there were two waiting rooms, an express […]  See More →

Rock Island Caboose

The Rock Island Lines 29 foot steel framed caboose car was originally built in 1913 as a boxcar and converted in 1940 to a caboose.  It weighs 44800 pounds, is 38 feet from coupler to coupler and 29 feet for the enclosed portion.  It was on last active duty at Lineville, Ia.  It was purchased […]  See More →


  See the steam switch engine that was transported from the Solon area and arrived in June, 2014.  It was built by the Davenport Locomotive Works in 1925.  Arriving in three parts – the boiler with running gear, water jacket and cab, it is a work in progress as restoration takes place this year.  Photos […]  See More →

Heritage Barn

  Agriculture has played an important part in the growth and development of our community and this is symbolized by our barn.  The Heritage Barn was added to the Depot Campus in December 2010, a gift from Mr. & Mrs. Vernon Smith.  It had been located on a farm two miles north of West Liberty […]  See More →

Tourist Cabin

    The North Point complex consisted of a service station, an inn (diner) and some tourist cabins.  It was located in the SE corner of the Walnut Street and Highway 6 intersection.  Clare Brooke and Jesse Swart purchased all from Glen Campbell in 1938.  The diner was leased by the Globe Cafe and offered 24 […]  See More →

One-Room School House

    The one-room school on the Depot Campus is an example of one-room schools in Iowa.  There are very few that remain standing and have not fallen to disrepair.  This school was found on 130th Street, southeast of the City of West Liberty.  It was located on the Dave Johnson farm and was being […]  See More →