Rock Island Depot

Effective August 9, 2022 the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad Passenger Depot was listed in the National Register of Historic Places.  This allows us access to federally assisted projects and qualification to apply for federal and state grants.  The Rock Island Depot at West Liberty was quickly built in 1897 using Van Meter buff brick after fire destroyed the old frame depot.  Measuring 100 x 20 feet, the central portion extended wider on the east and west sides.  In addition to the ticket and telegraph office, there were two waiting rooms, an express room and a baggage room.  After passenger service was discontinued in the late 1960’s, the depot fell into disrepair.  The West Liberty Heritage Foundation was incorporated and granted 501c3 status in 1999.  After acquiring the depot and RR maintenance yard, plans for restoration began to take shape. A grant from IDOT along with local gifts enabled the project to begin in 2000.  Dedication of the restored depot was held in August, 2001.  Artifacts and memorabilia pertaining to the railroad and West Liberty are on display. Buildings have been added to the former railroad yard which emphasize our educational and agricultural heritage.  We welcome your visit.

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